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THE 1960s

This is a nod to Eric Maxwell, the man who started the catalogue of Munroists and Furthists in 1960 with his article Quod Erat Faciendum ('What Is Required' in Scotland and beyond its borders). He updated this annually in the Grampian Club Bulletin until 1971. By this time, the Scottish Mountaineering Club had taken over maintaining his list. 

The following information covers the 1960s, and is presented in Maxwellian fashion, with additional details [gleaned from elsewhere]. It may prove impossible to establish final Furths for some individuals, as a number of them may, sadly, no longer be with us. At least precise dates help with the completion timeline.

ANNE LITTLEJOHN - Munros, Tops and Furth, [18/11/1960].
LORNA TICEHURST - Munros, Tops and Furth, 29/09/1962.
HUGH LYONS - Furth [Ireland, -/05/1965].
HENRY S.K. STAPLEY - Furth, 30/10/1965.
HASWELL OLDHAM - Munros and Furth [Ireland, 1966], 06/12/1969.
HAMISH M. BROWN - See Hamish Brown's Furths, 4 January 2015.
GEORGE M. SMITH - Furth [04/08/1968].
ROBERT AITKEN - Furth [England, 1969].
ERIC BEARD - Munros and Furth, 16/05/1969.
GEORGE C. SIME - Furth [Brandon Mountain], 10/07/1969.
DONALD GREEN - Furth [Brandon Mountain], 10/07/1969.
DONALD HAWKSWORTH - Furth, 14/07/1969.
WILLIAM SHAND - Furth, 07/09/1969.
ALAN C. GARDNER - Furth, 14/07/1970.
MILES HUTCHINSON - Furth [Brandon Mountain, 23/09/1970].

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


The Furths are the 3000 foot mountains in the British Isles furth of Scotland. There are 34 summits listed by the Scottish Mountaineering Club: 6 in England, 15 in Wales and 13 in Ireland.

The location of Completions gleaned (up to 9 November 2016) for 180 Furthists, can be downloaded on the Final Furths link. The spelling of summit names, with one or two exceptions, are taken from the 1997 edition of Munro's Tables. (In the absence of a name, then the country/mountain range known to host the completion is given in brackets.)

For background information about Furthists and myself, please see my Guest Contributor article entitled The Furths and their Compleaters on Myrddyn Phillips's Mapping Mountains blog.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


This (slightly dark) photograph is of my final summit party on Brandon Mountain on 11 October 1982. Hamish Brown is holding the whisky bottle! To his left, Ivan Waller (207) toasts his, and Matthew Moulton's (76), "senior" Grand Slam of Munros, Tops and Furths. Hamish's dog Storm is in foreground.

"It's lovely to see the 1982 edition of Hamish and, of course, the immortal Storm."

Robert Davidson, MD at Sandstone Press

Sunday, 4 January 2015


With seven Munro rounds under his belt (or should it be feet?!), Hamish (62) needs little introduction. His classic book, Hamish's Mountain Walk describes the first continuous walk over them all in the spring/summer of 1974.

Hamish has revised his list of Furth compleations and kindly given brief notes for publication here:-

1. Elidir Fawr, 13 April 1967

+ Bob Aitken. Bob, Ann Winning, Annabel Zeidler & HB were out to complete the Furths (needing Wales, Ireland), got driven out of Wales by weather, covered Ireland and came back for Wales again.

2. Snowdon, 22 September 1969

With pupils Florence Herd, Jimmy Will, Eddie Patterson of Braehead School, compleating the school's Furth, having finished Munros on Lurg Mhor, 14.7.69, and already done England. Jimmy Will on Scafell Pike, 11.10.70 compleated a personal 4 Country summits, aged 14.

3. Scafell, 20 October 1971

Alone. A big camper van trip round Britain and Ireland (Liverpool-Dublin; Cork-Swansea) which took in this & other hills.

4. Snowdon, 16 September 1979

Alone, during the first foot link of the Country summits of Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland, within the framework of walking John o' Groats to Land's End. (On 16.6.79 Ben Lomond compleated a 6th Munro round.) Snowdon was climbed 18.8.79 then the (first?) coast-to-coast walk across Ireland took in all the Furths, and a return to Snowdon to take up the Groats End line again. Book, Hamish's Groats End Walk gives the full story.

5. Brandon Mountain, 27 September 1980

Back to back 'courses' in Ireland did all the Irish 3000ders (and much else). On this 5th for me were Dave Simpson, Vi Shannon, P. Binnie, N. Wright, A. Rimmer, S. Grainger.

6. Elidir Fawr, 1 July 1982

Alone. This was on a cycle-linking of the 4 country summits: Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland (and Isle of Man - besides other hills as well).

Special mention should be made of Hamish's two Shetland collie dogs. Both climbed their Furths: Kitchy compleated as Braehead School's mascot, and Storm as Hamish's trusty companion during his Groats End Walk. (The book of this journey is aptly subtitled: 'One man and his dog on a hill route through Britain and Ireland'.)

Personal note - On one of Hamish's Irish trips, I compleated my Four Country Summits (Carrauntoohil, 8.10.82) and Furths (Brandon Mountain, 11.10.82).

Thanks Hamish!

Hamish's trilogy of classic hill-books: Hamish's Mountain Walk, Hamish's Groats End Walk and Climbing the Corbetts are now published, in updated editions, by Sandstone Press Ltd, www.sandstonepress.com

Friday, 26 September 2014


This title is given to the late Glaswegian hill-goer and compiler of mountain-tables - William McKnight Docharty (13). In Munro history, he made the first grand slam of Munros, Tops and Furths.

A recent inspection of his hill diary English, Irish and Welsh Mountain Excursions, volume 1, interestingly revealed that he climbed all the Furths (bar Ill Crag) in September 1948; the itinerary of his traverse is given here:-

Monday, 13th - Macgillycuddy's Reeks
Tuesday, 14th - Brandon Mountain
Wednesday, 15th - Galtymore
Thursday, 16th - Lugnaquillia
Friday, 17th - The Carneddau
Saturday, 18th - The Glyderau
Sunday, 19th - Snowdon
Tuesday, 21st - The Scafells (minus Ill Crag)
Thursday, 23rd - Skiddaw
Friday, 24th - Helvellyn

The concluding summit - Ill Crag - was reached at 3.15 pm on Thursday, 29 September 1949.

I would like to thank Olive Geddes and other members of staff at the National Library of Scotland, for their kind assistance.

Saturday, 21 June 2014


Welcome to my blog. It spawned from my researches into the location of Furth compleations (as summarised in: FINAL FURTHS - AN OVERVIEW, published in the 2013 Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal, pp.609-610).

Hopefully, dear reader, I can share with you a potpourri of eveything Furth, from the earliest hill list (prescribed by James Parker) to accounts of traverses. But let it be said here that the term 'Munro' is expunged from my blogs. Eric Maxwell, founder of the Munroist list (now maintained by the SMC), coined the phrase 'Furth of Scotland'. Indeed, he stated in the 1960 Grampian Club Bulletin: "It seems clear that, as from the start, "Munro" should be applied only to the separate mountains of 3,000 feet or over in Scotland, and not used for subsidiary tops or for heights furth of Scotland ..."

As part of my ongoing research, I'm always pleased to learn the name and date of Last Furths - from both Munroists and non-Munroists. Please email details to me at: moelfamau555@gmail.com

Simon Glover