Wednesday, 9 November 2016


The Furths are the 3000 foot mountains in the British Isles furth of Scotland. There are 34 summits listed by the Scottish Mountaineering Club: 6 in England, 15 in Wales and 13 in Ireland.

The location of Completions gleaned (up to 9 November 2016) for 180 Furthists, can be downloaded on the Final Furths link. The spelling of summit names, with one or two exceptions, are taken from the 1997 edition of Munro's Tables. (In the absence of a name, then the country/mountain range known to host the completion is given in brackets.)

For background information about Furthists and myself, please see my Guest Contributor article entitled The Furths and their Compleaters on Myrddyn Phillips's Mapping Mountains blog.

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